Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Walking The Dog

Hey everyone! As it was sunny, I thought it was best to take some summer-y pictures as the gorgeous weather won't last (*sad face*) Hope you enjoy the pictures!

I thought it was the best time to show you the family dog! His name is Pickle and he is 1 year old. Yes, he is a right pickle! He is a Shih Tzu and they are all stubborn, but I think it's an excuse! We all love him, and he is so cute and sweet!

I got the one shoulder bag for my birthday from a friend. It's from Jane Norman and has a lovely chain strap! The shoes are from Primark (good old Prim-ani!) the ring was from a sale in Claires, the bracelet was also in sale in New Look. Last I looked, they still had some!
And the last picture of some pretty little swans which I still get scared of, ever since they ran after me when I had bread in my hand at the age of 3 (*remembering vividly*)

Do you want more pictures of Pickle? Let me know!



  1. What a nice blog Sweetheart!!!! I have never visited it before, but its great. Congratulations. Since today I start to follow you. if you can join to my blog too I will be very happy.
    Kisses from Istanbul
    Lidiya Ostafiychuk

    1. Thank you for following me, and for your kind words! I will follow you back :)



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