I'm Lauren and at 16 my entire world is about fashion and looking my best. When I was little, dressing up in my Mum's clothes, trying on her heels and putting on her make-up was like a full time job which I loved. Now that I'm old enough, and after looking and enjoying so many other fashion and beauty blogs (and incredibly long talks with my mum deciding whether this is right for me), fashionswirls was made!
Even though it's only a few weeks old, I'm enjoying blogging so much. I have so many supporters which make blogging so much more fun! It's great to hear their comments on my hobby.

When I'm older, I'd love to have a career in fashion. It must sound impossible, or quite hard to get into, but if I don't then it would have to be a beauty salon. Either way, I'm going to have fashionswirls to continue my unhealthy addicted fashion disease!

Actually about me:
I love the colours pink, purple and blue.
I love fashion, shoes (mainly heels) and beauty, I have an obsession with nail polishes right now.
I'd like to have a boyfriend, and I have a crush right now (for 2 years) but I haven't built up the courage to ask him out.
I'm very insecure ever since I've been bullied physically and mentally, but fashionswirls is helping me so thank you to everyone who comments and follows fashionswirls!!!
I love smilies :)

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  1. Lauren, you are adorable and kudos to you for starting a blog at 16, I waited until I was 30! Keep up the great work.


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