Thursday, 1 August 2013

Diamonds & Daydreams

Can I just start of by saying that I am sooo happy to be saying this! A new online store has opened and I am here to tell you about it and kind of launch it so to speak. I will be cutting the red ribbon and allowing you to be the first ones to look around the store! Excited? I am!!!

Diamonds & Daydreams sells affordable luxury bracelets and they come in a white gift bag. They are perfect and each bracelet is hand-made. How cool is that? Anyway, here are the first 3 bracelets to be shown on the store:

This beautiful shamballa style bracelet is $8.00 but don't worry those who live in England because I have worked out the pounds conversion! It's £5.27 which I think is a really good price, especially for this bracelet because the quality is outstanding and its hand-made and that normally costs a lot.

I am loving this waterfresh pearl and diamante bracelet. Who else?! It's so elegant and is described as a wedding bracelet and a bracelet that you would give to your bridesmaid(s) but I think you could wear it anywhere and anytime. I have one similar except it is a single cord an I wear it just around the house or going shopping, so don't let that put you off girls! It's $9.10 (£5.99) which again, seriously good priced for the quality that you get. It's a lovely fit too and is elasticated so it's not too tight. And guess what? It comes in a white gift bag too! So perfect if you are giving them away to bridesmaid(s) as they are already fabulously wrapped.

I think this has to be one of my favourites. I'm obsessed with mint at the moment as it's summer, so this bracelet is perfect for the summer. I love the gold anchor as well, the colours go really well together. I'd describe the cord as suede/ leather type feel. It's so soft and I love it sooo much and for $7.00 (£4.61) I thought this was really well priced! She is going to be stocking a bracelet similar to this except with a white cord instead of mint. I can't wait! There is also a chain at the back so you can adjust the size.

I'm in love with this little shop and I am so glad that I have been picked to cut the ribbon and tell everyone about this shop! I hope you like it as much as me!
You can follow this little shop on instagram and Twitter (click on the media sites) for the latest stock pictures. It's been told that there will be promotional codes (50% off and stuff like that) so keep a look out for the codes! Here is her shop: Diamonds & Daydreams

Please support this little buisness as I think it is full of lovely items and its not often that you find good quality hand-made products at a good, affordable price.

What are your thoughts on this shop?


  1. What gorgeous bracelets. The last one is my favorite too!

  2. That looks so cool!!!

  3. Great post!

    Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog,
    So that deserves a new follower :) (gfc+bloglovin)

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



    The Fashion Milkshake
    How cool are fold-able flats?!

  4. Gorgeous pieces. I love the anchor bracelet.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit.

  5. Beautiful bracelets and so cool that you were picked to cut the ribbon! I really enjoy your blog and would love to follow each other—please visit my page and I'll follow you back :)

    xo Jess

  6. Lovely post beautiful! Keep up the great work in your blog…
    Wish you a lovely weekend,
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. These bracelets are adorable! X Anna

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